Fully Frameless Glass Balustrades

The fully frameless balustrade uses 12mm Heat Soaked Toughened Safety Glass. The panels are 970mm high and are supported by a range of quality stainless steel spigots. The panels come in a range of sizes that vary in width from 700mm to 1800mm.

This structure is the most commonly used type of Balustrade in the world for a reason. Whether it be Framed or Frameless GLASS BALUSTRADE, the structure allows light and vision to pass through it to create or maintain views of the surrounding landscape. With the use of quality hardware like 316 Marine Grade Metals and Australian Certified Toughened Safety Glass, you can be assured that safety and strength is not sacrificed to create the timeless and seamlessness of the structure.

Australian Standards & Compliance

Our heat strengthened glass products makes them one of the toughest and safest glass fencing products on the market.  All glass products comply with the Australian Safety Standards (AS/NZS2208) and will be supplied with the required compliance documentation.

Toughened glass panels are stamped with a small logo confirming the Australian standard.

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